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We offer transportation service for all occasions.
Professionalism, speed and reliable prices are the norm in our company. With years of experience in this business we are sure, you will enjoy your trip with us! 

Our Taxi Services

Address Pickup

We always pick up our clients on time, whether on base or off base. We have access to all US bases around the KMC area.

Airport Shuttle / Airport Transfer

We offer airport transfers to Frankfurt, Hahn, Spangdahlem, Stuttgart and many others.
Our drivers will help you with loading your luggage.
We use Flight tracking, your driver tracks your flight and waits for you if it’s delayed. 

Courier Service

Get it done by the
fast way!
We offer delivery of documents and material, baggage/luggage-service, transportation of early capital goods, carriage of freight of all kind.

Ambulance Service

Also we offer trips to the doctor, to therapies or operations free of charge for you.
The payment will be directly accounted to your health insurance and you don’t bear the costs of this service. 

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Book your taxi now.
Just give us a call or send us an email.
It will take only a few minutes and we will be at your door to pick you up. 

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